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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Not A Nail Polish Post: Nahla ♥


The reason I'm making this post is because Nahla did the funniest thing last night!
Me and my mom were playing with her last night, she has this squeaky watermelon that she loves. She was biting it so it would make the sound, and she was going crazy, but me and my mom had other plans. We decided to get the watermelon from her and throw it so she could get it, I was on the bed and mom was sitting on her computer chair. It was all good, she was having tons of fun, and so were we. But the last time we threw the toy and she got back to the bed, she simply threw it to my mom, an accident, obviously, but me and my mom laughed SO hard. My mom had to go to the bathroom and pee otherwise she was going to pee herself, and my belly was hurting SO much from laughing.
Reading it can't be that funny, but when it happened, it was lol
I couldn't post this and not post a picture of Nahla, this was was taken yesterday afternoon during our daily walk to Arpoador beach, she looks too adorable, and a bit mad because we were just there, not walking because I was taking picture of her and the view lol ♥

And yes, I use two leashes. She pulls too much, and she doesn't care if the red one chokes her, but I panic every time, so I use the harness so she won't get hurt.