Google+ Nail Polish Addiction: Up Colors Verde 360º (HOLO)


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Up Colors Verde 360º (HOLO)

Hello Loves ♥

I was gonna make a post about Finger Paints Asylum, but I got way too many bubbles on it because of a top coat, so I decided to post this holo =)
Verde 360º is one of the most gorgeous holos I have ever tried. This green is just too pretty!!!
Application was perfect, and so was the cleaning part. This shines like hell and the holo effect does not fade because of top coat.

freaking gorgeous *o*

quite lovely, don't you think?

so pretty!!!!

perfection ♥

Hope you guys have enjoyed this polish as much as I have my dears!!


  1. So pretty!! :D I'm loving your nails by the way (yes, new i'm a new follower) :)

    1. ty so much dear :D but in a few posts you won't be so in love with them LOL and welcome!!! hope you enjoy it ♥