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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Risquè Isabeli

Hello my dear loves ♥

How have you all been feeling lately? Hope great! But I'm so NOT great!!! I decided to cut my nails a little bit, turns out I didn't cut it just a little bit, I cut a LOT! And right after I cut it I was all like I NEED MY FREAKING NAILS BACK NOW!!!!!!! I was so pissed at myself, but I guess now they at least look just a little bit even, the sizes I mean.
BACK TO THE POLISH!!! This gorgeous had a black base, just like Miragem Azul, but this one has purple shimmer instead of blue, and I LOVE IT! In the light looks purple, and when it's not in direct light looks kind a brown, and I actually liked it, looks pretty good :) 

See the brown?

Purple shimmer, so freaking gorgeous *o*

Just a minute of silence for this beautiful polish ♥


Can you see the purple and the brown together?

OMFG this is just too much for my heart *-*

The ONE nail I couldn't cut, I just filed a little bit, and SO SORRY for my cuticles :(

Just can't handle too much prettiness in one single polish! Can you?

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  1. Eu goooooooooooostooo tantooo deste verniz!!
    omg, I mean,
    I loveeeeeeeeeeeee this nail polish!!