Google+ Nail Polish Addiction: Blue Addicted!!


Thursday, April 05, 2012

Blue Addicted!!

Hello my loves ♥

Today I'm gonna show you one of my biggest lemmings of all times: Essence ~ Blue Addicted! You might have realized that I've been posting mostly polishes that I got from friends of my birthday group, and this one is no different. Solange,, got me this one. We're in the middle of a swap, but this one is been extended so she decided to surprise me and send me one of the polishes on my list, it was supposed to be a surprise, but I'm not a fan of surprises so I got her to tell me what was it LOL So after that I was very anxious about my package, and oddly enough hers was the only one that got here in 15 days, all the others took a bit over a month, and some are not even here yet, patience!
ANYWAYS!!! Let's talk about this beauty. I got it about a month ago, and believe it or not, I hadn't tried it until now, even though was a huge lemming of mine... But today I finally decided to cut the crap and try it on, AND I'M IN LOVE ♥♥♥
This polish is just too gorgeous, but I decided to layer it, since the bottle is so small I didn't want to use it all in only one mani LOL I layered it over Blue Topia from Color Club, a perfect combo I've gotta say. Blue Topia is VERY dark, so it doesn't even look like there's something beneath Blue Addicted, which is great! Applying it was easy, and so was the cleaning.
BTW I tried for the first time the american way of painting and cleaning my nails, how did I go?! Feels weird seeing the polish so far away from my cuticles, but I kinda like it! So, how did I go?! :D
I'm gonna stop writing now cause I already wrote way too much...

Perfection is not enough to describe this polish!!!

Hope you guys have enjoyed it as much as I did ♥